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Comparing Java APIs for Functional Programming [FR]

While the Java Community Process (JCP) has announced the appearance of the functional programming in the Java language,  with the introduction of the lambda expressions (JSR 335: Lambda Expressions for the JavaTM Programming Language), is it possible with the current version of Java to practice this paradigm? While writing those lines, the JCP is in a deep brainstorming on this topic. There are different propositions about the syntax to adopt for the JSR 335 : a straw-man proposal, a prototype for OpenJDK is in progress, the BGGA proposal (Bracha, Gafter, Gosling, and von der Ahé), etc. But none of these syntaxes have formalized. Nevertheless, a first draft should be available during September 2011 and should appear in 2012 with Java 8.

Till then, there are different APIs that allow the developers to use functional programming with Java and they don’t have to learn a new the language.

My first article on the Xebia’s blog is available in French:

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2011/06/30 at 21:34

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