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Defeat the splash

There is an expression in French to say that a project has fallen through. This expression is tomber à l’eau. It means word for word: to fall in the water. And when it falls in the water, you heard splash! (or plouf! in French).

In the webcast Vaincre le Plouf, Guillaume Duquesay speaks about the splash. The splash is used as a reification, a metaphor, to name the series of (in)actions that drive a project to failure. It is necessary to recognize it and to fight it, because it can be really harmful for the success of your project. The splash may attack the project of a team in a company as it may attack  your personal project. So what can we do?

I put the webcast link (in French, sorry) below. You will learn to recognize it, to recognize its call, to know where it leaves, and at end you will know how to defeat it efficiently.



Written by fsarradin

2010/06/05 at 07:49

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